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“Wheatley Idol is a great competition for beginners because of the non-intimidating stage set on a grassy hill area where family and friends can bring their chairs and blankets, and enjoy a day of great music. This singing contest has been around for ten years and brings participants from all around Southwestern Ontario, attracting some of the best voices making it one of the most competitive shows. It’s the best of both worlds at Wheatley Idol. You won’t be disappointed!”
Brooklyn Roebuck – Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter – Chatham - 2013
In 2012, Former Wheatley Idol winner Brooklyn Roebuck won the cross-country searchYTV's The Next Star Season 5”. [MORE]

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“Wheatley Idol gives local talent the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a live audience. No matter what the judges decide, everyone walks away a winner, and I'm proud to have been a part of something this special.
Amber Dubois – 2013 Wheatley Idol Celebrity Judge – Windsor
In 2012, Amber Dubois was crowned "Wheatley Idol's Overall Winner Season 9". [MORE]
Photo courtesy of 2012 Star Sponsor Pixel Perfect Photography

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Wheatley Idol has developed an excellent reputation over the last nine years as a top notch talent show and serves as a wonderful opportunity for young people to find their artist voice. I'm very honoured to be a part of such a great show.
Corey Robertson – Local Media Personality
– Leamington - 2012
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Had an awesome time once again at Wheatley Idol. Congrats to all of the contestants and especially to the organizers for making this the best local competition year after year! Sandra O
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You run a great event, you should be proud of the talent that has come from it. Brooklyn Roebuck is phenomenal and my girls are following her progress in the next star..... Jennifer AW
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“I was honoured to be asked back as a judge for the Wheatley Idol Competition this year. It always amazes me how incredibly talented our local up and coming stars are.  What a great day filled with amazing talent. It's also so wonderful to see how many local businesses donate to the prize board for the finalists. What a great community event that I get to be a part of. Thanks again and kids keep reaching for those stars!” Crystal Gage – Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter – Windsor - 2009
Crystal gained National recognition when she won 2007 CMTs Karaoke Star, has opened for artists such as Big & Rich, Emerson Drive and Gretchen Wilson.

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“It was a real pleasure to emcee Wheatley Idol again. It’s great not only to see the local talent, but to see contestants come from as far away as Stratford!” Dustyn Janzen – Country Afternoon Drive Host CJSP 92.7 – Leamington

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“The Wheatley Idol is a MUST SEE for upcoming local talent!” Dale Butler, Singer/Songwriter, Sound Technician – Leamington
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What a treat it is every year to see such a wide range of talent hit the stage at the beautiful Two Creeks Conservation Area. Darla, David and all the volunteers do an incredible job every year of making this a first class event and one that we should all be very honoured to have in our area! It isn't just a talent show; it's a celebration of music. Judging this kind of talent is never easy and I say that on behalf of the other judges as well, including Crystal Gage, Jen Knight and Nicole Barron!Cordell Green – Country Morning 92.7 CJSP Radio Host – Leamington - 2008

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We had some great competitors this year. It was exciting to see the amount of talent that comes from our area. We found it especially difficult choosing our winners because there were several worthy contestants. We look forward to seeing them at future competitions.” Nicole Barron – Wheatley Idol Judge, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter – Leamington
In 2011, Nicole won a Top Performer Award in Nashville, TN, and recently advanced to the 2nd round of the Gospel Music Association’s competition called Immerse, in Nashville.

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